Jemeul Watson

Duncan, South Carolina, United States

Jonathan Watson is an NFLPA Certified Agent who has an exceptional combination of business acumen, international management experience, interpersonal skills, and passion for sports which make him the perfect agent to represent your interests both on and off the field. Jonathan has years of experience in the sports and entertainment industry where he has worked extensively with professional athletes, entertainers, and their management teams to provide services and support for their careers. His unique experiences have provided him a comprehensive understanding of the rigors of the sports industry as well as the skills to meet the distinctive needs of a professional athlete. Jonathan is continually building and fostering working relationships and his business networks which allow him to more easily meet the needs and desires of his clients in every facet of their career. He has been a role model and mentor to many throughout the course of his life. He has the worldly experience, strong values, and extraordinary moral character which will allow him to provide sound advice as a confidant both on and off the field. His esteemed knowledge coupled with his infectious energy and enthusiasm will positively propel your career to new heights. For more information of how he can assist you and your family with the next critical steps in your professional career please contact him at: Email: Phone: 574-575-5711

University of Texas at Arlington, MBA