Michael Hoppa

Phioenx, Arizona, United States


I am currently pursuing an entry level scouting position with an MLB team.  My strengths include above average analytical skills, good interpersonal skills with strong communication and excellent technical knowledge of the game.  
GM/Scouting Certificate
I have earned a certifcate for GM/Scouting through Sports Management Worldwide.  Through this course I gained experience with completing scouting reports, the use of sabremetrics and general knowledge of how to evaluate baseball talent. 
Coaching experience
I have 15 years of coaching and instructional expereince in baseball.  This experience includes 6 years of coaching high school level baseball.  I also give private instructional hitting and fielding lessons utilizing Bo Jackson's Sports Dome in Lockport, IL. I've always been invested in the game of baseball and I am excited to pursue a career in this field.  
Personal experience
I have been playing baseball since I was a child.  While growing up I was in little league and continued to play in high school.  As an adult, I played for 3 years with a semi-pro league in South Dakota and Illinois.  I am always continuing to strengthen my knowledge of the game in order to advance my skills.