Ahmad Jaffal

North Olmsted, Ohio, United States


Ahmad is a recent graduate of Cleveland State University, with a bachelor’s degree in Sports Management. He has worked in sales for over 15 years as his father has owned many different businesses in northeast Ohio including grocery stores, gas stations, delis, and even apartment buildings. He was able to learn from him, his uncles and brothers and soak up as much knowledge as he could. He started out as a young kid that would just go to work with his father on the weekends and clean up the store and stock shelves. Once he was old enough to work behind a cash register at the age of 16, he started earning more responsibility on the actual business aspects of the stores. Once he graduated from high school, his role grew even larger as his family depended on him to be the manager and oversee the overall sales of the business. He has worked in many different parts of northeast Ohio including Beachwood, Newbury, Elyria, East Cleveland, and West Cleveland. 


At Cleveland State, he had the opportunity to intern with Verus Management Team in Mayfield Heights, Ohio and the knowledge that he has gained is something that he can use for the rest of his life. He was responsible for recruiting and evaluating talent, coordinating pre-draft logistics, managing athletes’ social media pages, assisting with on-court training, assisting with sponsorships and endorsements for athletes, website maintenance and facilitating communication with athletes and the media. All of these experiences in his life have led him to be the hard worker that he is today. He values good communication in a work setting because great communication leads to a healthy work environment. Ahmad is pursuing a career in sports and his goal is to be a football scout.