Alejandro Perez Silva

Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico

Sports Management Worldwide; Portland, Oregon, USA 
Soccer Management & Scouting, Certificate, 2013
Training included: traditional and cutting edge scouting techniques and player evaluations, scouting reports, statistical analysis, soccer general manager practices, player personnel and team/club management. (Mentored by Steve Simmons, Aston Villa Scout, Tim Regan, US Soccer Federation Scout, and Matt Martin, MLS Sporting Kansas City Scout) Reference: Dr. Lynn Lashbrook, Sports Management Worldwide President, +1-503-445-7105.
Birth Date:                         13/April/1985  Birth Place:                        MAZATLAN, SINALOA Marital status:                   Single Adress:                               PULPO 7 SABALO COUNTRY CLUB Phone:                                66911-76-24-17 Cell phone                         +5204466 91 42 09 73 EMAIL:                       
Sports Experience
Trainnig record:   7 years
Coaches names:
-Rey David (Instituto Cultural de Occidente, Junior School) -Miguel Cota (Insituto Cultural de Occidente, High school) -Ian Bathgate (Celtic fc) -José Luis Cruz Duarte  (Universidad Autónoma de Durango, College)
Soccer Leagues - Torneo Coca-cola  1998-99 Instituto Cultural de Occidente - Torneo ICO inter-secundarias 1998-99 Instituto Cultural de Occidente - Torneo Coca-cola  1999-2000 Instituto Cultural de Occidente - Champion Indoor-soccer Liga Futbol Premiere 2000 - 2nd place Indoor-soccer Liga Futbol Premiere 2001 - Champion Torneo Indoor-soccer Liga Caoz (Club Reforma) - 2nd place Torneo Inter-highshool ICO 2001 - Torneo El Debate liga juvenil 2001 ICO - Torneo Inter-prepas ICO 2002 - Champion in Los Altos, Jalisco. Summer 2002 Celtic fc - Champion Liga Universitaria Universidad Autónoma de Durango  Mazatlán 2005 (College league) - 2nd place Interlobos Universidad Autónoma de Durango  Durango 2006 (college league)
- 3rd place Universiada en Culiacán, Sinaloa. 2006 (college league) - 2nd place Interlobos Universidad Autónoma de Durango Zacatecas 2007 (college league)
Soccer Promotor (CONSEJO DEPORTIVO MUNICIPAL, Local sports board)
-Personal Management from 18-40 years -Selection and recruitment of referees -Values management -Image and maintenance service of field -Marketing and advertising
Soccer coach from 6 A 10 years2010-2011
Highly educated
KINDER GARDEN ICO  (Instituto Cultural de Occidente)     ELEMENTARY SCHOOL  ICO 1991-1997 JUNIOR SCHOOL ICO 1998-2000 HIGH SCHOOL ICO 2000-2003
IDIOMAS  english 80%