Antonio De Nobrega

Cape Town, South Africa

Antonio (aka Tony) has been a professional soccer coach for more than 15 years and has coached Premier Soccer League teams, Bloemfontein Celtic and Vasco Da Gama in that time. He was part of the technical team when Bloemfontein Celtic were promoted to the Premier Soccer League, winning the National First Division title. He also guided Celtic to a respectable top eight PSL position in successive seasons.

Tony then moved on to Cape Town, South Africa to coach Vasco da Gama, who was newly promoted to the Premier Soccer League. He is qualified in sports management and scouting and has worked with youth football. Tony has been involved in the negotiations with European giants Sporting Lisbon on youth football in South Africa and has a broad knowledge of football across the board having coached players from Africa, ie Uganda, Cameroon, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Botswana and more.