Bruce Fox

Hinckley, Ohio, United States

I grew up with the love of baseball and it has become an important part in my life. I grew up watching baseball with my grandpa’s who taught me the game. I played all the way until my sophomore year in high school. I started pitching varsity my freshman year. In my sophomore I was cut from the team. It crushed me but deep inside it sparked the interest of evaluating talent. I would go watch games and learned the mechanics of the game. I would watch players and learned what was right and what was wrong. I would also see the interaction of the coaches with the players. Would the coach tell the player what he did wrong and would the coach help him adjust and fix the problem.  I completed the Sports Management World Wide program and gained a lot of knowledge. I then decided to further my career and go get my Bachelors degree in sports management.  Baseball is a way of life for me and I hope to make it my career.