Cameron Mason

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

As a graduate of Indiana University’s Masters in Sports Administration program my vast knowledge within the football industry and experiences has equipped me for to assist any individual which would like information regarding a  prospective player. I have excellent communication skills and a strong passion for the game of football. My experience as a volunteer and intern for a Big Ten Athletic Department is an important aspect that separates me from many other scouts. I recently furthered my education with industry specific training from Sports Management Worldwide.
For the past two and a half years I been an intern with the Indiana Football Office, working with various coaches and personnel has given me a foundation in numerous areas such as recruiting, publications, communications, evaluating and analyzing prospects, and data entry. The internship allowed me to assist with official recruiting visits, away game travel, weekly publications and in-game operating strategies.  I enjoy the analytical aspects of the game; my background in statistics makes me uniquely qualified in breakdowns and self scouts. Also as a former collegiate player I understand the internal workings of the game and the need to effectively be a critical judge regarding players’ strengths and weaknesses. I also have the ability to effectively enter, manage and communicate information from databases and catalogs.
SMWW Football GM and Scouting training consisted of the most important business aspects related to scouting and provided me with the tools and skills necessary to be successful in a player personnel position. The program commenced in May with online assignments that covered: NFL scouting techniques, NFL general manager practices, basic video editing and Coaches Office, statistical analysis, scouting reports and NFL collective bargaining agreement.
If you need any informtion regarding scouting please contact me as I am confident that my energy level, dedication, knowledge, experience within the industry, and communication skills can assist overwhelmingly with your inquiry.