Campo Gutierrez

Washington, District of Columbia, United States

Campo Gutierrez is from Cartagena, Colombia and currently lives in Washington DC. He has played soccer at the college level in Colombia. Soccer has been his passion since  he was young, and did not have the opportunity to develop a soccer career until he took the Soccer Manager and Scouting program through Sports Management Worldwide SMWW in 2018.

He holds a U.S. Soccer F License and plans to continue building his career either as a Coach, Scout, Agent or Manager by taking different courses related to soccer. He will have his first experience in soccer next April as the Civitans Club Coach which belongs to the Arlington Soccer Association.

Currently, Campo works as an ESL and Spanish teacher at Bunker Hill Elementary School in Washington DC. With his position, Campo has been able to encourage his students to know more, be more involved, and practice soccer. As a teacher, he is able to transmit his knowledge to other
people in a very clear and concise way which he can continue doing while talking about
soccer in different roles.

Campo also holds a diploma as a Certified Public Accountant, a Graduate Diploma in TESOL, and a MasterĀ“s degree in English Language Teaching.