Devin Monahan

King George, Virginia, United States

From working Summer Camp with young teens to working in the County School system, Devin helped develop students and young teens for the next step. Being a positive role model to many is something Devin takes STRONG pride in. Devin enjoys being a mentor and motivator all while working towards a shared common goal that comes down to one question.  “How do we both take the next step and progress together?”

In early career opportunities though the school system, Devin evaluated student’s backgrounds, home life, and mindsets to figure out how that affected their performance in the classroom.

In Baseball, Devin looks to bring his current skills to the table in creating bonds not only with athletes, but also dealing with fellow peers that I meet and work with along the way.  Looking to begin a career in Baseball Scouting and Player Development, Devin plans to bring next level leadership and an above average sense of one’s 6th tool.

…  Aptitude, respect, integrity, and overall inner-personal quality.  

Devin Monahan has been learning and applying basic knowledge of the game of Baseball to young players on and off the field, Little League to High School for over 3 years now. Aside from playing, Devin teaches the game providing strategies, video coaching, and positive encouragement to young players through social media. Accepting an internship with The Southern Maryland Blue Crabs Baseball team, his current goal from there is to begin to create and grow a career in the Baseball industry.

-Devin Monahan

“Attitude Equals Altitude.” 

-SMWW Baseball GM & Scouting

Career Information
Currently the Box Office Manager for the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs Atlantic League Baseball team.

Volunteer Work
Little League Coach, Little League Board of Directors of King George County.

County Player Evaluations & Observations

Mission Statement
In beginning a career in the Baseball industry, I look forward to meeting and working with others who are positive minded and driven to be successful. My current goal is to hold a Box Office Position with an affiliated team.