Haleigh Japp

Sarnia, Ontario, Canada


Haleigh Japp is 29 years old, and she lives in Sarnia, Ontario. She has been in love with sports for her entire life, but her first love has always been hockey. That love has never left, as she cannot imagine life without hockey. She is an avid student of the game, always watching different levels of hockey, researching hockey history, draft prospects, looking at hockey statistics and analytics, and much more. It doesn’t feel like work for Haleigh, because she loves it so much.

She got her advanced diploma in the Sports and Recreation Management program at Lambton College, made the Dean's List all six semesters of the program, and graduated with the highest grade in the entire program in 2022, earning her the Dean’s Award. After graduation, she discovered Sports Management Worldwide. Shortly after, she enrolled in the Hockey Analytics course and got her certificate. This year, she enrolled in the Hockey GM & Scouting course and got her certificate in that course as well.

She knew from a young age that working in hockey was what she wanted, and scouting feels like the perfect fit. She loves watching and analyzing hockey, whether it’s the NHL, junior hockey, women’s hockey, or para hockey. She also has a knack for noticing details that others may miss. She is a determined, ambitious, hard working person who is always eager to learn and improve herself. She has been lucky enough to learn from some great hockey people, she has taken in everything they have taught her, and will apply it to her career. Haleigh is a big believer in lifelong learning, and always has an open mind when it comes to being introduced to new skills and concepts.

Having a career working in hockey would be a dream come true for Haleigh. It is a privilege and an honor that she would never take for granted.