Holly Labrecque

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada


As a SMWW alumna and sports professional, Holly has been mentored by NFL experts Mark Dominik, Russ Lande and John Wooten. She is educated on NFL scouting techniques, NFL general manager practices, statistical analysis, basic video editing and Coaches Office, scouting reports and NFL collective bargaining agreement.

Holly graduated from the University of Saskatchewan, College of Arts and Science with a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies. With recognition for academic performance and as the Bates Award recipient for excellence, innovation and leadership, Holly graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a Bachelor of Education and furthered her education with post graduate studies and credentials in Special Education.

Holly Noella Labrecque is a certified advanced Self Regulation Therapy practitioner trained by the Canadian Foundation for Trauma Research and Education with cutting-edge skills for effectively treating a variety of symptoms of trauma and dysregulation in the brain and nervous system. Holly is passionate about bringing forth her unique skill set into the professional football industry regarding trauma therapy and player support to heal and optimize.

Mobile: 306 221 4201
Toll-free: 844 968 8448