Jarrid Bell

Colorado Springs , Colorado, United States


Jarrid Bell is originally from Livingston, Tennessee and graduated from Livingston Academy in 2018. Jarrid has played football from the time he was 6 years old. He won a national championship with his peewee in 2012. He played all throughout middle school and high school as a running back and a middle linebacker.

After graduating from High school Jarrid joined the Marine Corps. Jarrid was stationed in Hawaii where he found it very difficult to stay up to date with NFL due to the time difference. Jarrid also meet his beautiful wife Skyler, in Hawaii as well. During his time in the service Jarrid learn a lot of skills with the Microsoft office, physical fitness, and self-discipline.

He is separating from the service after 4 years in June of 2022. While in the service He started attending college at American Military University for his bachelors in sports Management which he should have his degree completed by the end of 2022. He plans on going back to school right after his bachelor degree to get his Masters in Sports management.

While trying to figure out what to do once he gets out of the Military his wife encouraged him to chase his dream of working in the NFL. That is exactly what he did. He enrolled in the football front office certification with Sports Management Worldwide which consist of 4 different certifications. Those 4 cerifications were Football GM and Scouting, Football Player Development, Sports sales and marketing, and Salary Cap analysis and CBA.