Jeff Lynt

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Jeff Lynt is a dedicated hockey scout, providing scouting services to teams and organizations looking to improve their performance on the ice. With a passion for the game that has been a part of his life for over 40 years , Jeff has watched, in person, over 1100 NHL games contributing to his wealth of knowledge and expertise to the role of a scout. With over 10 years of coaching experience at the Tier 1 minor hockey level, Jeff is highly experienced in all areas of hockey and has a proven track record of success in developing players and teams. He has a keen eye for talent and is able to evaluate players and teams with the highest level of accuracy and attention to detail. He is dedicated to helping players reach their full potential, and has a wealth of experience in developing and implementing training plans, evaluating player's skills and performance. In addition to his experience as a coach and scout, Jeff is also an entrepreneur and a business professional, owning and operating a successful business and IT consulting firm. He has also been recognized as one of Ottawa's top business professionals, receiving the prestigious 'Forty under 40' award. Jeff is also a dedicated educator, and his hockey education website,, he developed, helps players, parents, and coaches understand what it takes to be an elite hockey player. He also operates another website,, which provides a comprehensive video analysis and understanding of hockey analytics. He also publishes a successful newsletter that shares insights and perspectives on the latest trends, strategies and technologies in the world of hockey. Jeff has been married for 18 years and his love for the game has been passed down to his family, as his 3 children have all played hockey. Jeff Lynt is committed to staying at the forefront of the industry and is constantly seeking new and innovative ways to improve his scouting techniques. With his knowledge, skills, and passion for hockey, Jeff is the perfect scout for any team or organization looking to build a winning team and reach the top of their game. Jeff primarily scouts in the Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec region of Canada (Toronto to Montreal) and the North Eastern USA (Upper New York & Vermont)