John King

United States

In growing up and currently residing in an area rich in baseball tradition in Southwest Illinois, for over 30 years, John King has become eminently observant and knowledgeable with the baseball teams in the South Central and Southern Illinois area. He has the comprehension and the ability to evaluate all aspects that team players in all positions need to have. These aspects include signs of progression, sportsmanship, qualification and commitment to make it to the next level, and the proficiency and understanding of playing the game. King has also utilized a versatile skill set through his experience in his years of work and study. This has allowed him to be qualified in the field of Baseball Scouting.

Some of the skills King possess are his exquisite communication skills and his ability to manage a team of numerous people from diverse backgrounds toward a common goal and evaluate their progress. King also maintains an adept expertise in research and all aspects of data knowledge. His ability to work in a team environment and carry out leadership responsibilities have proven himself to be a considerable evaluator. 

            In pursuing scouting, King has also earned himself a Baseball GM & Scouting Certificate from Sports Management Worldwide. There, recipients of the certificate undergo training including MLB collective bargaining agreement, sabermetrics, MLB scouting techniques, scouting reports, drafts analysis, player evaluation, MLB general manager practices, and statistical analysis formulas.