Jordan Skuse

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Jordan graduated from Bishop’s University in 2010, majoring in human resource management, marketing communications, and economics.  While he was loved basketball for over 20 years, Jordan’s post-university career began in business consulting where he helped several global businesses transform their operations and branding including Royal Bank of Canada, Bauer Hockey, Hertz, and Coca-Cola.

Jordan has been a member of the SMWW family since April 2017.  Having completed the Digital Video Editing with Synergy course, Basketball GM & Scouting course, and finally the Basketball Analytics course, Jordan has a firm grasp and understanding on the global basketball landscape.  Having scouted players all over the world, including Canada, the United States, as well as in Europe as part of the FIBA Championships, he is able to provide a well rounded point-of-view on player’s abilities and overall potential, both in the short and long term.  Having studied under the likes of Dr. Lynn Lashbrook, Mark Warkentien, Dean Oliver, and Josh Url, Jordan is more than capable of providing top quality basketball scouting services to all interested parties and will do so with the professional approach and courtesy one should expect from an SMWW representative.  Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Jordan is willing to travel and is reachable via phone or email.