Jose Luis De Rugama

Victorville, California, United States

Jose Luis is a financial business services agent in Victorville, California, arriving in the US in 1997 from Mexico City. He also is the coach and oversees the selection process of all players in the new DHFC club.

He played on the junior soccer team in Mexico City but was forced to end his playing career due to injury. His previous work experience has included coaching at VYSL and AYSO (U5, U8, U10, U12, U14, and U18). Though he is unable to play, he continues to enjoy the sport and fulfils his time coaching and scouting in the sport.

His philosophy: having skill, vision, and an understanding of the game is paramount to success in soccer. It is important to realize however, that the game is becoming faster and players are becoming more athletic.

Bruce Lee, the famous master martial artist was known for his remarkable physical ability and incredibly intense training regimen emphasizing speed and strength training. He preached the philosophy that it is not the style of the martial artist (Karate,jiu-jitsu,boxing,taekwondo, etc. ) that wins the fight; it is the practitioner’s individual capabilities. What he meant is that if one is not fit enough, strong enough, or fast enough, they will not be able to execute the skills they have developed. This philosophy rings true for any physical endeavor, be it martial arts or soccer.

The game of soccer is changing and athleticism is no longer as much of an added bonus as it is a requirement. Athletes in all sports are becoming more athletic and careers are also lasting a lot longer. Strength training has made the single greatest impact on both of these factors.