Josh Fernandes

Dallas, Texas, United States

Josh Fernandes is originally from Kansas City, Kansas. Josh learned to play soccer at age 3 and started
playing competitively at age 6. Josh and his family moved to Cincinnati, Ohio where Josh played in
Highschool and continued playing at the club level. Josh went to college at The University of Akron
where he received a master’s in economics. While at Akron Josh found his true passion for the game,
helping players develop their skills to reach their potential. Josh developed a love for the game that
combined with his passion for data, spurred him into taking the Sports Management Worldwide
(SMWW) soccer analytics course. After gaining a deeper understanding of how data is applied in soccer,
Josh went on to pursue coaching licenses in the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) to morph the
understanding of data with the technical and tactical side of the game. Josh currently holds the USSF
Introduction to Grassroots coaching license, which is the replacement of the USSF F and E licenses of
old. Josh hopes to continue learning more about the beautiful game and hopes to apply what he has
learned to professional clubs either as a scout or a coach.