LeAundra Toney

District Heights, Maryland, United States


A graduate of Sports Management World Wide (SMWW) holding certifications as an American Football Scout and General Manager as well as a Sports Agent Adviser. Graduated from Columbia Southern University with a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Sports Management.

Career Information
Nine years working in the security industry, four of those years in management. Coached football for eighteen years on various levels from middle school, high school and semi-pro. Eighteen year military veteran.

Sports Background
Football coach of eighteen years on various levels seeing many of my players accomplish their goal of playing college football and two players playing NFL football.
Own a small business dedicated to teaching the skills and techniques (to kids 8-18) needed to play football on the next level.
Operated as a sports agent adviser for SMWW from 2007-2008.
Operate as an American Football scout for SMWW.
NFL Traditional Scouting Techniques
Football on Paper Analysis
Football Statistical Analysis
Team Building/|Training & Management
Staff Augmentation
Economic Analysis
Asset & Risk Management
Auditing & Compliance Risk Management
Contract Negotiation & Management
Sports Management & Marketing
Customer Relationship & Vendor Management
Business Development Management

Professional Background
Employed in a Fortune 500 Hundred (Fannie Mae) for nine (9) years as a Security Professional. In the nine (9) years working for the company I have been promoted seven (7) times moving up from the security officer force to upper management. As a project manager I am responsible for managing a small budget, training new officers, professional development of the management staff and creating and managing training documents. I have managed a both small and large staffs ranging from two (2) individuals to a group of forty-four (44).