Manuel Del rio

Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

Manuel is an entrepreneur. Currently, he is running a Renovation and Construction company, Building High Resolutions, in the cities of Vancouver B.C. and Calgary A.B., Canada. He recently graduated from Sport Management Worldwide (SMWW); the Soccer Management and Scouting course. As a soccer scouting student, he has trained to perform highly in different fields such as analysis of the structure, soccer academies, soccer club operations, tickets sales, analysis and scouting players, game formation and soccer agents.  


He finished his primary education in Cancun Mexico in 2001, he graduated in tourism and worked in the hotel industry until the age of 24. Manuel is passionate about football soccer and he is going to continue upgrading his sport business career with SMWW. Manuel is an individual who lives with passion, dedication, and a strong sense of direction.