Marquis Johnson

Brentwood, New York, United States

I truly believe that working for the sport of basketball would be a dream job for me. I’ve loved basketball with a passion ever since was a child.  There’s nothing more exciting to me then getting ready for game day as a player in high school or college atmosphere. I’ve been a fan of basketball from high school to the pro ranks. I’m from New York and I’ve been a Knick fan since a child watching them on T.V or going to the games at the Garden. Watching the players warm up, the buzz of the crowd when the starting lineups are called and the bright lights of Madison Square Garden all made for an electrifying event. Basketball was the first sport introduced to me as a child I began to enjoy playing other sports in watching other sports such as baseball and football as well. My passion for the sport grew as a young basketball player in High School and throughout the AAU circuits then I continued to play basketball for Suffolk County Community College.                                                                                                                                                                  After playing at Suffolk I then obtained a Sports Management degree at Dowling College, while studying at Dowling College I got the opportunity to work for the minor league team the Long Island Ducks as a Concessions Manager which was my first opportunity to work for a professional team, which was a great experience for me. I also interned for the New York Mets as a Stadium operations intern which was an amazing experience for me to see how a professional MLB team operates. I learned a lot from the Mets internship helped accomplish many projects such as assisting with the closing of Shea Stadium and the beginning process of the New Shea Stadium. I got to meet some of the players and walk on Shea’s field along with watching the closing of Shea through the dugout was literally a once in a lifetime experience. I worked 40 or more hours a week depending on how many games they played during the week and was excited to return to work Monday to see new tasks at hand it was an incredible experience.
I am extremely interested in working for the sport I love whether it’s the collegiate level or professional level. I’ve gained some experience in the operation of professional baseball teams but I realized that I lacked professional or collegiate level experience in basketball. I decided to take Sports Management World - wide online course for Basketball GM & Scouting which taught me a lot about the game and what collegiate or professional level coaches look for in players. It gave me great knowledge of the game, experience in using synergy video and how to scout players for any level. I’m currently a SMWW scout looking to scout talent around the New York/ Long Island area as well as looking for a start in basketball as a scout or coach. I’m very interested in working in the field of basketball and I’m confidence in my abilities although I lack much experience I think I can make up for it based on being a collegiate athlete and my knowledge of the game.