Marvin Bonilla

Brooklyn, New York, United States

My name is Marvin Bonilla and I am from Brooklyn, New York. I completed the Football GM & Scouting Course through SMWW. All through the course we evaluated players from every position. We in like manner had week by week converses with the fantastic John Wooten and GM Jr Scouting creator Russ Lande. 
Making sense of how to evaluate players is a discriminating undertaking. I have taken what I have acknowledged from the course, and moreover my own particular understanding into the redirection, to ceaselessly manage watching the progression of a couple of players in the NCAA and NFL. The empowering thing about scouting is that it is an individual appraisal and you for the most part try to hint at change each time you lead an evaluation. 
I would love to work for a specialist affiliation one day and help them in finding the best players for their gathering.
Starting at this moment I'm an Intern for the New Era Basketball Association as a scout and Assistant GM.
Much gratitude to you for heading off to my scouting page. 
I Iook forward to working with you later on.