Mitchell Skilton

Shelburne, Ontario, Canada

Mitchell Skilton, A profound Hockey mind in strategy, skill development, and scouting. Mitchell has established a meaningfully valuable set of experiences and education to help assist his natural skill of spotting talent and working with athletes of all levels. As a graduate of Sport and Recreation Management at St. Clair College in Windsor Ontario and a graduate of Sports Management World Wide Hockey Scouting and GM course Mitchell continues to grow his skills within the scouting community through not only watching elite level players but also players with potential to be elite at any level.

Currently located in Ottawa Ontario Mitchell has no shortage of access to premier hockey in northern Ontario and the Quebec regions. With ties to southern Ontario as well he is willing and committed to sought out talent through all regions that are required. A major upside to Mitchell's repertoire is his versatility, Always ready to evaluate new talent in different leagues Mitchell is willing to not only travel to any game required he will always perform to his premium giving detailed and truthful evaluations day in and day out.

As many do, Mitchell has a never ending passion for the game of hockey. But not everyone is able to see the deep development factors each player may or may not have. These factors are key in successful scouting and will always be evaluated on any report. His experience in multiple sports at the collegiate level are considered an asset. In the summers Mitchell enjoys a nice round of golf.