Mychal hodgson

Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Mychal Hodgson Sr was born in the city of Rockledge, Florida to the parents of Michael Hodgson( 2022 Retired Firefighter) and April Shivers on May 11, 1985. Mychal's early upbringing consisted of a great quantity of traveling due to his father serving in the air force. His mother worked as a caregiver to the elderly for many years which helped Mychal to become the person that he is today. Mychal has been very passionate about basketball since an early age. Being raised in Phoenix and a small stint of the time in New York, Mychal got to see basketball from both sides of the country. After playing AAU, High school and Collegiate, Mychal went on to play some minor league basketball and travel with the Washington Generals of the Harlem Globetrotters for 3 years. Mychal is participating in the basketball apprenticeship to not only sharpen his basketball resume, but to obtain and enjoy a job in the NBA. Mychal currently resides in sunny Phoenix, Arizona and he enjoys spending time with his children, helping the youth develop their skillset in basketball, hiking, reading and building his brand Believing Beyond Goals. Mychal has always had a constant connection with the game of Basketball not only as a player but also as a Youth Basketball coach.