Phillip Alvarez

Aledo, Texas, United States

Phil fell in love with the game of baseball at the age of four and was fortunate enough to play college baseball for the four years of his college career until earning a Bachelors degree in Business Administration (Marketing).

Baseball is a coveted sport to Phil. The game has taught him how to be a team player and more importantly how to be a responsible adult. He has always had a desire to somehow be connected to baseball and has always had interest in evaluating baseball talent.

After college his road lead him to a life of law enforcement. During his law enforcement career he was a defensive tactics instructor and became involved in training police recruits and evaluating recruits at their best and their worst. His skills became helpful as he began giving baseball hitting lessons to young ballplayers during his free time. Phil found it interesting and satisfying to help young ballplayers to not only make contact with fastballs but also to gain the skills necessary to control themselves under the pressure and expectations of the fans, the game and the parents.

Phil retired from law enforcement after 20 years of service and is currently employed full time as a Safety and Security Advisor for the Fort Worth School District however he continues to gravitate towards baseball. He recently decided to leap into the baseball scouting and GM business to stay in the game and pursue an opportunity that has been provided by Sports Management Worldwide.