Ricardo Torres

Sweetwater, Tennessee, United States


       Ricardo Torres is a very enthusiastic soccer coach and dedicated business man who has, recently, attained his sports management certificate with SMWW.   after he moved from Mexico to the US and complete the National Youth Soccer license and the state “D” soccer license in the state of Tennessee. He started coaching and getting involved with young players. since 2008 he had coached young players from the ages of 6 all the way to seventeens. He is an NFHS accredited interscholastic and currently coaching the SQHS soccer team in Madisonville TN. That position requires him to develop the entire soccer program, everything from recruiting players and plan the practice sessions, to make sure the team’s records are up to date. Before that, he was a volunteer coach at the SJHS in Sweetwater, TN. where he helped to prepare and develop all the practice sessions.   Ricardo Torres runs his own business. He manages the business finances, organizes the schedule for employees every week and he is responsible for developing efficient customer service strategies. Actually he is working as an English as a second language (ESL) assistant with the Monroe County Schools in the state of Tennessee. His responsibilities include; assist teachers in the classroom, supervise students outside and inside of the classroom, provide administrative support for teaching, filling teaching positions to supplementing regular classroom curriculum, student tutoring, keep communication and assist students’ parents, translate papers and meetings interpreter.   Throughout his coaching career and business ownership experience, Ricardo Torres has learned how to develop athletes’ learning potential and he has learned the importance of offering an honest and attentive costumer service. He has helped athletes to recognize and use their potential and use it in other areas of their lives, too.    His goal as a new Agent Advisor is to help players to get in to the level they want to be and to help these athletes achieve their personal and professional goals.         

Sports Management Worldwide-- Portland, Oregon 2015
·        Athlete Management Certificate
University of Phoenix—2012
·        Associate of the Arts in Paraprofessional Education

Sports Background
Head soccer coach/coach| SQHS; SJHS Sweetwater and Monroe county Schools | 
February 2013 - present
·        Responsible for all aspects of the team; including management of all aspects of team preparation for the program.
·        Recruit qualified student-athletes for the team as well as working to develop and maintain alumni and family support of the program.
·        Development of fundraising monies from local business and other contacts by maintaining an accurate budget based on equipment, facility and travel needs.
·        Prepare competition schedule and coordinate community service activities for the team.
·        Develop soccer training and conditioning program
·        Maintain good faculty/parent communication.




·        Maintaining a safe environment for kids in all of the activities.


·        Develop programs and activities appropriate for each age group. 


·        Maintain all equipment and facilities in good condition.


·        Overseeing the safety and cleanliness of the facilities. Coordinate special events and make sure everything runs smoothly, efficiently and in an organized manner. Make sure to replacement all defective equipment.




Mission Statement
To help players to get in to the level they want to be and to help these athletes achieve their personal and professional goals.