Roy Countryman

Rockwood, Pennsylvania, United States

Roy Countryman is another in a long line of football talent coming from Western PA. He currently resides in Rockwood, PA with his beautiful wife, Melissa, and two young boys, Silas and Ezekiel. In addition to working as a scout for all things leading up to the NFL Draft, he also has a calling as a Licensed Lay Pastor for the Allegheny Regions Churches of God.

His passion for the game of football was borne out of true admiration of the physicality, and brutality it takes to sacrifice it all for your teammates on the field. Due to the game’s physicality, his father would not allow him to partake in playing football at any level throughout high school years or after. In the end though his father might have light the fire in his soul to never give up on finding a way to break in to the industry. Although he was never a gladiator in between the hashes, he has a keen eye for talent in the draft process, and has the willingness to stick to his guns when he has a gut feeling on a player. He is a quick learner who shows a keen awareness, and willingness to take instruction, as well as learn from his mistakes.

Roy was a graduate of Sports Management Worldwide’s Scouting/GM course in April 2016. While enrolled in the SMWW course he was able to pickup some invaluable knowledge from his instructors such as: Lynn Lashbrook, John Wooten, Mark Dominik, and Russ Lande. In particular Roy really hit it off with Russ Lande, and it was not long after graduating that he asked him to join his company GM. Jr. as a Scouting Intern. During his time with Russ his was able to learn from one of the best talent evaluators in the business, and the experience helped him to find his voice in the scouting the community.


With a grateful heart, and burning desire for success, there is no question that Roy

Countryman will one day become one of the many success stories from Blitzalytics that not only get their foot in the door at the NFL level, but will be game changers in the industry.