Ryan Gilchrist

North Bay, Ontario, Canada

Ryan Gilchrist is a Sports Management Worldwide Scout based out of North Bay, Ontario,
Canada. Mr. Gilchrist graduated from the SMWW Hockey Scouting and General Management course in
June of 2022. Much like the athletes he scout’s, he strives towards self improvement of his own skills to
better hone his craft and move into the higher level of the industry. He is also enrolled in the SMWW
hockey analytics and will complete that by the beginning of the 2022 hockey season.

He is within range to travel to multiple large cities such as Ottawa and Toronto and everything in
between. With a high exposure to hockey at all levels in North Bay and the surrounding area from minor
hockey to the OHL, Mr. Gilchrist can network and establish what is required of player to move on to the
next levels in their development.

Ryan has worked in multiple industries from customer service, cooking, construction and travel
and logistics. All of these have coalesced to offer great organizational skills, time management, attention
to detail, and efficient communication skills. With a passion for the game and dedication to the position
Ryan Gilchrist is dedicated to not only being the best scout he can be, but providing clients with the
best, and most accurate information he can.