Seneca Gant

Aurora, Colorado, United States

  I earned my certificate of Football GM and Scouting through Sports Management Worldwide, I have been taught and trained by so of the best in the world of football; the great John Wooten, and Russ Lande.  I am currently attaining my Associates of Sports Management (ASM) and my Bachelors in Business Management with university of Phoenix.     I have been doing my own personal scouting reports for about 4 years.  I have been freelance scouting sense the start of the year; I have recently sent all of my scouting reports to all 32 teams in the National Football League.  As stated before I have been trained by the likes of Marcus Williams, John Wooten, and Russ Lande with Sports Management Worldwide (SMWW).     I am currently trying to be retained by the National Football League (NFL) as a scout, or scout assistant.  I currently reside in Colorado, so I can go to any school that one may need me to attend in order to gain the information needed.  I am also open to flying out to any school that one’s organization will need me to fly to.  I will be open to any and every opportunity presented to me.