Simeon Marinov

Varna, Varna, Bulgaria

Simeon has been raised in a family of a teacher, also a former soccer referee and a loving mom, editor of the main local newspaper in Targovishte, Bulgaria. Probably thanks to them he has started practicing different sports activities and reading sports magazines with great passion ever since he was a little boy.
During his high school years, Simeon played professionally basketball in the local team. Unfortunately he was forced to stop playing due to a severe knee injury, which occurred in the last minute of a Regional game, while playing for his high school team. This was also his last year in high school. During his recovery Simeon moved to the biggest town in the region – Varna and applied for the University of Economics, where he graduated himself in 2015 – bachelor degree in International Economic Relations.
During his time in the university, Simeon took part in the Erasmus program, which sent him for a one semester to one of the most beautiful cities in Italy – Florence, where he regained his passion for the game of basketball. There he was thrilled by the last season of one of the European giants in this game, especially in the last decade – Montepaschi Siena, having the opportunity to watch many of their home games from the first rows. This happened to be an inspiring period in his life.
Returning back in Bulgaria he looked for another chance to be closer to the game, so he embraced the offer of being a referee in his spare time. Apart from currently working in a financial company in Bulgaria, Simeon also officiates basketball games (Amateur league, Under ages of 12,14,16,19 etc.), wheelchair basketball games as well. Refereeing games enriches his knowledge and also gives him a different point of view to the beloved game.
Being lifelong basketball fan, Simeon envisions his future closely related to basketball. Speaking English, Italian and Russian can be a huge advantage in achieving this. He is extremely motivated to learn the Xs and Os in scouting, transforming it into his main work activity. He is up-to-date to the performance of the players in Europe, as he follows closely the championships played on the continent. Despite of all the time spent breaking down European games, Simeon doesn’t miss an opportunity to take a closer look at all the happening overseas (NBA, NCAA etc.)