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Dr. Lynn Lashbrook, Sports Management Worldwide President, has a vast knowledge of sports management opportunities.  He loves helping people "monetize their passion."

Whether you want to be a Sports Agent, Scout, Athletic Director, Sports Broadcaster...the list is endless! In a short coversation, Dr. Lashbrook can quickly assess your situation. Where do you start? Who is hiring? What do they look for in a new hire? What are the advantages of working in collegiate sports versus professional sports? What's the best sports management program based on my career goals? 

If you are interested in chatting with Lynn about how you can advance your sports career in the NFL, EPL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS, Motorsports, UFC, Rugby, Cricket,  NCAA, or esports or you are looking for career advice, an internship, or, attaining your masters or doctorate degree online, please fill out this form and Lynn will personally call you!

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