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Sports Management Worldwide (SMWW) offers trained scouts throughout the world. At Sports Management Worldwide, we train scouts in Football, Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, and Hockey. Each sport has it’s nuances, as scouting is a learned skill with specific player evaluation, player ratings, and in-depth analysis. We are proud of our SMWW graduates as they have worked long and hard to attain the “eye” to evaluate talent and write a scouting report that meets your requirements.

Click here for a map of SMWW Scouts

What SMWW Scout can do for you:

Find a scout on the map, read their bio, and, look at a sample of their scouting reports. If it meets your criteria, you contact them and give them a “test” scouting project. They will jump at the opportunity to prove their skills.

Request a Scouting Report Option: Fill out our Scouting Report Request form here. Upon doing so, your request will go to a display board for scouts all over the world and they can contact you.


Why would they do it for free? Because these are new scouts with new skills trying to get exposure. SMWWscout is a directory of scouts who have met our qualifications. We think they will be up to your qualifications! We want you to find scouts that you trust so much you hire them!

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