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SMWW Hockey Scouts have been trained and mentored by some of the best in the industry. SMWW Hockey Scouts have completed a rigorous eight week training program and instructed by International Scouting Services Chief Scouts, Former Boston Bruin GM Harry Sinden. In addition they have been trained in Rinknet and Steva Digital Video Editing. SMWW Hockey Scouts are listed here with scouting report samples. Please contact them and arrange a complimentary scouting report for your program, be it at the high school, university, major junior, or professional level.

SMWW Hockey Scouting Mentors:
  • Harry Sinden, former Boston Bruin GM. Harry has played the game at every level, coached at every level, scouted the game at every level, and managed at every level.
  • International Scouting Services is an international hockey scouting company that specializes in evaluating, analyzing and ranking hockey players wherever hockey is being played around the globe. ISS uses a combination of traditional scouting methods along with the most advanced technology to arrive at quality and efficient results on these players. ISS creates a number of scouting reports monthly and annually including Draft Previews for the NHL, WHL, OHL, OMJHL and the Canadian Hockey League's import draft. The reports created have been sold to the top hockey clubs and agents all over the world, including every team in the NHL. Mike Oke, ISS Chief  Scout has mentored all SMWW Hockey Scouts.
  • Rinknet
  • Steva Digital Video Editing

SMWW Hockey Scouts have successfully completed 8 weeks of training including:
  • ISS has developed its own unique method of evaluating players' strengths and weaknesses and demonstrate their knowledge of the game as well as improve their ability to evaluate players. Player evaluation reports involve some of the following:
  • Skating Mobility - Quickness, Foot speed, Agility (Lateral), Strength & Balance
  • Hockey Sense - Makes good play, takes good hockey decision, relaxed, good-excellent on face-off
  • Puck Control - Receiving a Pass, Making a Pass, Stick handling, Controls the Play - Makes Def. Make1st. Move
  • Play Away Offensively - Position, Run Interference, Spectator
  • From Puck Defensively - Anticipation, Positional Sound, Transition Game
  • Shooting - # of Shots (Backhand, Wrist, Slap), Eye Hand (Make Something out of Nothing), No. of Goals (Accuracy)
  • Physical Game - Proportion (Upper & Lower Body), Stamina & Cardio (Over Game), Body Checking (Gains Puck), Quiet Checking (Knocks Player off Puck), In Corner/Front of Net (Position - Upper Body), Taking a Hit, Fighting.

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SMWW Scouts will do a complimentary scouting report to your specifications to prove they are an expert.

SMWW Scouts will be an exceptional resource to save you time and money in your program!

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