SMWW Soccer (football) Scouts

SMWW Soccer Scouts have been trained and mentored by some of the best in the industry. SMWW Soccer Scouts have completed a rigorous eight week training program and instructed by The Scouting Network. SMWW Soccer Scouts are listed here with scouting report samples. Please contact them and arrange a complimentary scouting report for your program, be it at the school, university, club, or professional level.

SMWW Soccer Scouting Mentors:

  • Derek Bragg, Managing Director of The Scouting Network, located in Birmingham, England. The Scouting Network is a revolutionary approach to accessing soccer talent. It is the first independent scouting network in international soccer. It provides the most extensive scouting reports from around the globe with a database of over 30,000 of players and offers team and individual player assessments to over 50 UK and European soccer clubs. Derek and his trained soccer scouts have scouted soccer players in numerous countries on several continents. Derek and the Scouting Network past and current clientele includes Manchester United, Liverpool, Schalke 04 (Germany), Nantes (France), Norwegian and French Football Federations and a host of other professional clubs of all levels. Derek personally played most of his senior football in Germany, spending four years with top Bundesliga Club, Hertha Berlin. As a qualified FA Coach, in 1997 he joined Cheltenham Town as a specialist goalkeeping coach and Chief Scout, enjoying six successful years under Steve Cotterill and Graham Allner.  Learn more about Derek and The Scouting Network, visit

SMWW Soccer Scouts have successfully completed 8 weeks of training including:
Soccer/football Scouting, player evaluation, player ratings and in-depth analysis
University, Club, and International Scouting
Collegiate soccer scouting versus U16 and U18 players
Relationships between scouting soccer leagues in the US, Europe, South America, Asia, Middle East, and Africa
Methods of ranking soccer talent
Team evaluation vs. individual evaluation
Evaluating offensive schemes/formations
Soccer Scouting player evaluation; body type, mental makeup, playing ability, physical tools
Learn to identify players who will succeed at various international levels
Traditional soccer scouting vs. new high tech scouting and digital video editing
The making of a soccer scouting report
Concise and indepth soccer scouting terminology
Collegiate soccer scouting versus high school players
Methods of ranking high-school and college soccer talent

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SMWW Scouts will do a complimentary scouting report to your specifications to prove they are an expert.

SMWW Scouts will be an exceptional resource to save you time and money in your program!

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