Derek Brennan

The Dalles, Oregon, United States

Derek has a strong admiration for the game of basketball while being experienced as a scout for over five years now, steadily growing his knowledge and range of scouting ability. His experience ranges from coaching youth basketball, player profile writing, highlight film creator/video editor, free-lance scouting, and fan of the game.

Derek is a lifelong fan of the game, having no collegiate playing or coaching experience he still feels like he is knowledgeable of the game and gives a fresh perspective to it. In 2012, Derek had obtained his Associate’s degree in sports management where he followed up with the completion of SMWW’s GM & Scouting certification course. From there, he immediately landed with NetScouts Basketball LLC where he had on-the-job training as an area scout from managing partner and SMWW’s own scout and instructor Chris Denker as well as other managing partner Carl Berman. He also has two featured blogs on the company’s website. 

In recent times, Derek has been working in various capacities with scouts, agents, and players either referring players, helping negotiate or navigate new clients, or helping players land overseas opportunities. He is currently working as a free-lance scout, or scout for hire for previous stated entities. He has worked with both male and female players and players from various leagues around the world including the NBA D-League, PBL, and a few other various international leagues. He is available for contact via email for any questions or help with players or any other consulting purpose.