Deschazo Reynolds Jr.

Atmore, Alabama, United States

DeSchazo is a freelance paralegal who has always loved sports being from Southern Alabama. He joined SMWW wanting to combine his two favorite things: sports and law.  He is a firm believer in ethics and doing the right thing for his clients and the company. DeSchazo attended Jefferson Davis Community College and Auburn University, majoring in Political Science.  He graduated from Professional Career Development Institute with a degree in Paralegal Studies and Blackstone School of Law with a degree in Legal Assistant Studies. 

DeSchazo served in the U.S Navy from 1987-1989 on a fast frigate that spent nearly 45 days in the Persian Gulf.  His best piece of advice for new professional athletes is to NEVER SELL YOURSELF OUT.  It will never be more important to do something illegal to better your standing in your sport.  And he will promise not to let the sport become bigger than the athlete/client. DeSchazo will focus on all sports, regardless of gender to do the very best for my clients.  His focus is to make sure that your job is not a distraction from your life.