Dominic Ambrose

Bristol, Tennessee, United States

Dominic received his bachelor's degree from Florida State University in Sports
Management and has benefited from the coursework taken through SMWW in sports
broadcasting as well as the Football Scouting and GM course. Born and raised in Miami, FL,
Dominic has been a lifelong fan of all sports and always keeps tabs on everything in the world of
sports. Dominic began his interest in football after watching the Bears win the Super Bowl
following the 1985 season. Dominic attended his first Senior Bowl as part of the credentialed
media and that helped fortify his passion for the game as well as help understand more of the
aspects of scouting as well as the media.
After finishing his coursework with SMWW, Dominic contributes to
creating content specifically on the Miami Dolphins and is a contributor and Senior Scout with
Blitzalytics where he analyzes college players strengths and weaknesses heading into the draft
and gives his educated guess as to best team fit. As part of the scout team with Blitzalytics,
Dominic has enjoyed working in a manner that allows for growth and further understanding of
the game of football especially through the scouts eyes.
With this apprenticeship opportunity, Dominic hopes to gain the experience needed and
the portfolio of scout reports to be able to showcase the value he would bring to any football
organization. In the dynamic environment of sports, the aspiring scout that Dominic is will gladly
go where the opportunity is at any organization, the football fan that Dominic is would welcome
the opportunity to join one of the many storied franchises in the NFL to help them maintain their
success or achieve new levels of success that would bring Lombardi Trophies to that