Emily Sauvageau

Firestone, Colorado, United States


Emily Sauvageau resides in Denver, Colorado. She is currently playing softball and going to school in Colby, Kansas, has committed to play softball and continue her education at Adams State University in Alamosa, CO, and will be graduating with her degree in Sports Management in Spring of 2026.

Emily worked for the NOCO OWLZ in the Pioneer League during the summer of 2023 in the Analytics Department working the Trackman, along with working on scouting reports on opposing teams.

Emily completed the Baseball GM and Scouting course in spring of 2023. Training included MLB collective bargaining agreements, Sabermetrics, MLB scouting techniques, scouting report training, draft analysis, player evaluations, and statistical analysis. The course instructor was Hank Jones, a scout for the Dodgers for 40 years, and Dan Evans, former GM of the Los Angeles Dodgers.


Emily completed the Baseball Analytics course in spring of 2023. Training included working with Rapsodo, Blast Motion, Motus, Edgertronic, and Trackman, advanced scouting and game preparation with data, introduction to team-used software; R, SQL, and Python, statistics overview; common and advanced, how to analyze data in-depth, arbitration, forecasting, and defensive metrics, and software for interpreting and visualizing baseball data. The course instructor was Ari Kaplan, the co-founder of Scoutables and a leading figure in sports analytics.

Her mentor includes Bill Geivett, former assistant-GM for the Los Angeles Dodgers & Colorado Rockies.

Emily has attended over 800 MLB games, all while studying the intricacies of the game itself.