Ivan Shnider

Burke, Virginia, United States


Ivan is a recent graduate of Sports Management’s Worldwide Baseball GM and Scouting course. He has been involved in baseball as a coach, mentor, innovator, board member, committee chair and administrator from Little League through High School and Men’s league programs for over 16 years. Ivan established and developed a travel team program from the ground up. He coached, scouted, recruited, maintained statistics, and provided player development. In addition, Ivan was responsible for game and tournament scheduling, team finances and travel plans, as well as field permits and umpire scheduling. In addition, Ivan played baseball in high school and is truly knowledgeable and passionate about the sport.

Ivan is now pursuing a new career after completing a successful career as a Payroll Systems Manager for the U.S. Senate. During his career, he was entrusted with a great deal of responsibility for financial systems, appropriated funds and employee management. He established and demonstrated exceptional people management skills, organizational skills and time management skills.

Ivan is very interested in the opportunity to demonstrate his skill, knowledge and willingness to go above and beyond in baseball scouting.

For more information please email Ivan, ishnider@smww.com.