Jamie Norman

Clackamas, Oregon, United States


Jamie is a recent graduate of Sports Management Worldwide Baseball G.M. and Scouting course. He currently lives in Clackamas, Oregon. He has played and coached sports throughout his entire life. Jamie have had the opportunity to play Division 1 Football and College baseball. Jamie have coached and evaluated athletes at every level, from youth baseball league president to collegiate football recruiting, as well as volunteering as an assistant coach for a summer wood bat league for college baseball players.
Jamie‚Äôs experience and knowledge comes from his studies, training and mentoring from; Oregon State University with a degree and graduate studies in Speech Communications and College Students Services. Jamie has worked as a Graduate Assistant in the Athletics Department. (Mentored and Tutored Student Athletes, also worked and recruited with the Coaching staff and Alumni personnel.)  
Jamie received his Baseball GM & Scouting, Certificate (Spring 2017), Training included: MLB collective bargaining agreement, sabermetrics, MLB scouting techniques, scouting reports, draft analysis, player evaluation, MLB general manager practices and statistical analysis formulas. 
Jamie has been mentored by the following:
  • Larry D'Amato - MLB scout & Former LA Dodgers GM, 
  • Dan Evans - Current Pacific Rim Scout for Toronto Blue Jay,
  • Ken Wilson - Great West league developer and president.
  • Dan Norman - Former MLB player, Minor League and Collegiate Coach.
To contact Jamie or request a scouting report, please email:jnorman@smww.com