Marcos Mejias

Miami florida, Florida, United States

A former baseball player in the Dominican Republic didn’t become professional but played in a high level in the little leagues until his 18. Was involved in all the areas of baseball, traveling to many international tournaments to know and see how all the baseball systems work.  Baseball became passion to him at the point that going away of it was one of his most difficult decisions.  He played in tournament like Cal Ripken Jr, Little League World Series, played also in Puerto Rico, Cooperstown World series, RBI World Series and others. In addition, he participated in volunteer programs of the RBI in the Dominican Republic, served as a member of the staff of the MLB office in Santo Domingo.  It’s important to mention, that he practiced scouting and training conditioning players while he was in college in Santo Domingo, along with all the friends he knows around the baseball field. Graduated from Industrial Engineer and had a master in Industrial Engineer and business organization of industry projects. Trained several partners in physical condition. Now living in Miami, Florida looking for work in all the aspects of baseball and give all he has in the scouting and front office area.


SMWW Baseball GM & Scouting 2018

Languages: Spanish and English