Timothy Thomas

Fayetteville, Georgia, United States


Tim Thomas Bio
I’m Timothy Thomas from Newark, New Jersey and I’m 22 years old. I grew up playing basketball in every league I could since I was 5. I also grew up in a Baptist Church, that I was heavily active in because my grandma was the custodian. My grandma on my father side of the family was also the custodian of her church, so I spent my weekends in church if I didn’t have a tournament at the time. My summers was full of church and basketball every year. Being raised in Newark I was exposed to a lot at a young age and my mom wanted me to know Jesus before anything and anybody else. The older I’ve gotten, my love for God and basketball increased dramatically. At 14 years old my mom moved us to Fayetteville, Ga where I still live today. Basketball for me slowed down, due to the lack of leagues out here, and church did too as a result I did go astray and make some mistakes but God’s mercy and grace pulled me out. At 22 years old I’m a certified Sports Management Worldwide Scout, 2-time Golden Glove Champ novice Division, and had a winning AAU season as Head Coach. Also, I played a little college football at Fort Valley State University for a semester and studied business at University of Phoenix for a semester also. I haven’t gotten my shot at the next level in basketball yet but I did play for Fayette County high school. I also made a overseas traveling basketball team but later I found out that I didn’t have all the requirements to travel overseas for the leagues so I missed out on the tour. I still would like to play but right now I feel like God has a calling for me to do something else at the moment. I have the ability to help so I will help get kids on the right track to succeed in life not just the sport.